Thursday, 30 January 2014


Ok so is anyone else wanting to lose weight? I know I am I need to set myself an actual dieting plan without just winging it as I am sticking to me weight. I have recently just lost 2stone so I am really happy with that but want to lose more as I want to look good before my holiday and before uni starts as I'll feel better. So does anyone have any little tips for healthy eating loosing weight or anything?

Here's what I do 

So if you haven't already I would strongly advise you to get this app. "My fintness pal" it's actually a really good app to have it monitors your calorie intake once you upload the meal you've had. It can work out howmuch you should be eating to loose a specific amount of weight! So what are you waiting for, go get the app! 

As I hate the word diet I tend to call mine a change of lifestyle, so I usually eat what I want... well. So I always have Belvita honey and nut biscuits for my breakfast, as they aren't the best but they kinda taste like chocolate chip cookies and fill you up, also they're quick and easy to grab.  After eating these biscuits I would grab a sandwich or cereal and then have my tea. So I would work out how many calories are in the meal to determine what I can have. I don't like these set diet plans where you have to eat salad for tea as it's boring I like to spice it up a bit. I can eat what I want but I choose to say no.

Finally I go to the gym. As my gym was shut down for 3 weeks  I haven't been in a while, also it was christmas so I haven't been in about 5 weeks.  It's terrible I know. But I have just gone back today and I am more determined than ever to loose weight. My gym has recently got renovations and it's so much better as I can charge my iPhone as I am exercising as well as going on the internet on the machines, not sure why you would but hey I have the options. They've got free wifi, so I can easily message my friends without my phone dying. Also loads more new channels for the TV so you can work out and watch. I tend to stick to E4 as it's got the best programmes on during the day. As well as this they're all round a lot more better physically it's enhanced a lot. I used to go to the gym 3/4 times a week but I just don't have the time anymore so I will be going twice a week, which hopefully will pay off.

So let me know if you have any tips or your routine. 

Wednesday, 29 January 2014



I have sent her an E-mail and will also post on her blog to let her know she's the winner of some fantastic body goods. Thank you all for getting involved and for following me I really appreciate it! Can't believe I am at 400 already!  

Just a quick notice to say I may not be posting as frequent any more as I have a photography exam coming up and I really want to focus on that so I may do some scheduled photograph posts let me know!  Thank you all again.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

MAKE UP | Before & After





So as you can see here, I've done a before and after photograph of my make up. I am not sure if you can see the massive amounts of difference the make up makes especially the foundation as I have lots of blemish's and spots. (horrible skin)
I also look really really pal on the left hand side photograph, and you can see how my foundation blends my skin tone and pops my features, rather than hide them away. I really do enjoy red lipstick as I feel like even if you can't be bothered going all out on your make up it looks like you have. It either makes you look classy or fierce.

If you would like to see what I normally use for my everyday make up look just click here.


Sunday, 26 January 2014

OOTD | Sunday

Hey guys so I never normally have my hair up! 
But I really couldn't be bothered sorting it out today so I just left it as it was all messy!  So I don't normally do OOTD but I thought I would give it a go as you can see it's not my actual camera as everyone in my house was out and I don't own a tripod unfortunately. Hope you enjoy.

As you can see I couldn't be bothered with making a massive effort today but I didn't want to look too much like a sloth so I spiced it up a bit with the shinny leggings, which are ridiculously comfortable.  It's a simple yet effective look overall really casual and comfy. 

Jumper/top - Primark   £6.00
Shiny Leggins - Tesco's £7.00
Biker Boots - Asos £19.00

If you want to see more on the boots click here

DISNEY | Photoshoot | Part 3

Snow White

As you can probably guess this is my snow white shoot, I did two shoots for snow white, as I felt it was a really simplistic fairytale to show off through photography.  I feel like this second shoot is the best as it's got this eerie atmosphere about it and the colours are so vibrant yet still making the eerie atmosphere that it needs.  Yet again this is the model I used Kaitlin.  I loved editing this shoot as it was so simple yet effective. 

Here is a photograph from the first snow white shoot, as you can see it's no where near a clear message that it's snow white and there's not a lot of moor or atmosphere in the photograph, it looks like a girl lost in the woods rather than a Disney shoot.  If you haven't already seen Part one Disney photoshoot click Here. If you haven't seen Part two click Here.  Also if you're wanting to join in my giveaway make sure to check this out here

If you would like to see any more Characters or anymore from the scene's already shown feel free to ask!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

2014 | HOLIDAY

So me and my friends are thinking of going on a girls holiday! It will be pumped up, we are ready for it, but were not too sure where to go? So does anyone have any suggestions where they know/been. We are looking for somewhere really wild and chaotic as we like to party, and we are loud and spontaneous people so god help us.  So far we are thinking of going to either ...


Obviously the well known party island Ibiza is definitely up there as we have found some really good deals for flights/hotels costing no more than £250. As Ibiza is the main party island it's really expensive though 20 Euro's  for a vodka and lemonade in the main clubs, so obviously not very affordable but pre drinks. So there's many big club parties like the zoo project, Ibiza rocks, we are rock-stars.  As we are thinking of going anytime after end of  may this is perfect as my 18th at the end may so I will be all prepared to go, and the week of my birthday there are big parties lined up that week in Ibiza.

ZANTEZante not sure if a lot of people know where this is? But it's a greek island I've heard loads of people going on about it being all good for a young club holiday. So I thought why not give it a go? I've found some pretty cheap deals here as well. If you have ever seen BBC 3 Zante's Zeros club bar have been shown here as it's the biggest and busiest bar in zante.  It's not expensive for drinks over there as I have been reading up but not too sure? 

Ok Ayia Napa, you must of heard of? Well it's also a well known destination for clubbing and going on a girls/lads holiday.  Again there are some really good deals flowing around but not heard many people going here that I know? Not sure what it's like anyone been or know someone who's been?  Heard they are expensive but not too sure on the drinks. 

Not wanting somewhere skanky but somewhere cheap and cheerful, feel like I will need a lot for it but will be worth it in the end! Anyone got any other destinations, I've heard Marmais, Magaluf, Malia, Corfu.  Want to go on a booze cruise any suggestions, thanks for reading! Let me know.  As you can see we are looking for a piss up abroad really haha.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Stippling brush | Real Techniques

  So the other week I was asking people on their views on make up brushes, and I decided to give the real techniques stippling brush a go as I heard some mixed reviews, but I really like their blusher/powder brush.
 So with the real technique stippling brush I think it works really well and everything, I have heard it falls out after you wash it as I've only used it twice I haven't washed it yet but hopefully it doesn't fall apart as that will be depression. I think it gives a clear evenly blended soft look across your face. I think the most annoying thing is that it obviously takes time to stipple across your face and one or two hairs stick to your face and it gets really annoying to get them off.

Personally so far I really like this brush as it gives a really good finish and makes me feel so much more confident with my skin as it looks really smooth and an even look. If anyone is thinking of buying the brush I would recommend you to! I can't guarantee about the brush falling to bits after washing as I have tried this yet.

Real techniques stippling brush - £11.99

There's my make up just before my show (I used the stippling brush) Sorry that it's not high quality as I didn't bring my camera to the show. 


Hey! So you may have noticed I haven't been as focused with my blogging recently as I have been really busy with this crazy show for my performing arts class. It's a mental show as you may gather from the psychedelic colouring of the programme and the mad ass costume I am wearing 'zippy'.  In the play it's all about these two guys who've set up a market stall and they get into random trouble innocently and end up selling space cakes. So it's really trippy acting and quite fun to do. Fortunately I didn't feel nervous at all whilst performing and was probably my best performance yet! So I am quite pleased with that,
                                                           not that it matters as I found out that I already have all the                                                            top grades for  course which is a

 D* (apparently equivalent to A*) so I am really really happy at the moment! I thought I would put up random photographs from segments of the play. Also you can see how tiny our changing rooms are! 

I will be posting more hopefully! Just got my photography exam to worry about as the deadline are closing in this week and then I am on to the exam unit but I should be definitely posting some of my photography work if you would like to see. Also I need to be posting more beauty things! Let me know if you want to see anything! 

Thursday, 23 January 2014

DISNEY | Photoshoot | Part 2

     So here's another inspiration for my Disney shoot that I did. As you can maybe gather it's the tale of Alice in wonderland, I really enjoyed this photo shoot as it was so much fun to mess around and play with. As well as the editing could be mad and crazy.  I think this was the easiest out of the shoots as I already had the Fancy dress costume of Alice in Wonderland from Halloween.  As well as the scene aren't out of the ordinary and easy to compromise. I've not been posting beauty that much at the moment but I thought we could have a collaboration.
As I have been very with my performing arts show this is why there isn't as much beauty as I already have these photographs. I think today shows gone really well and it was so good to get the first show over with because it's always the worst but surprisingly we all did really good and it turned out to be a fantastic show in the end. 

Anyway back to the photo-shoot. As this was my final photo-shoot I went more into depth with the photographs and pointed out each scene in Alice and wonderland. These aren't all my photographs from my shoot but the basic one's which will give the overall story line.  My favourite photograph has to be the one with the quote "Where all mad here, you'll fit right in". I just love Alice in Wonderland as it's so imagintive. As you can probably tell I am a big fan of Disney. I love Disney as it lets out the big kid in you and always leaves with a happy ending and morale tale. 


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Calming before the storm

It's been a far too stressful past weeks, hopefully will relieve some stress after tonight's show and tomorrows . Well this photograph is from my landscape shot in the lake district. As I mentioned about how perfect and a cute little day out the lake district is on this post here. So make sure you check it out if you like the look of the things.  Well like in this photograph I just want to get away from things and just be blissful.  This is the perfect photograph to explain my views, as it's like a on going path onto a new adventure where you don't have to think about anything. 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

DISNEY | Photoshoot | Part 1


This is from my Disney inspired photo shoot. I loved doing this photo shoot as it was so much fun and I just love all things Disney. As my friends also enjoy the concept of dressing up like the magical tales and doing all different make up they loved it.  I have loads of different characters that I used them for, and we made the costume ourself.  As this was my photography work I had to keep it in bounds of my brief which was passions.

Monday, 20 January 2014


On Wednesday I was wonderfully surprised  by this note throw my door. I was so excited until I realised I had to get the package off my next door neighbour who I think hates me. Not sure though. Anyway I ended up going to the wrong house and looking like and idiot. I then managed to actually go to the right house and there it was my beautiful parcel. 

I have worn these shoes obviously now and I feel as though they are extremely comfortable. When I first tried them on I was really conscious as they felt really tight but I realised I was wearing 3 pairs of socks as my other shoes didn't fit. I feel as though I got a bargain from these shoes, as they go with any outfit at all, and they spice it up a bit. They're quite heavy but I like that as I feel more balanced.  I felt as though I need these shoes as I don't really have any flat shoes which go well with dresses/skirts to give a casual look. 

Asos Biker Boots - Price; £48 £19

I was going to put my other shoe post up here but I haven't had time to take photographs so I will be making a post this week make sure you check it out! I will be really busy this week as I have a couple of shows for performing arts  but I will try my best to keep you posted! Let me know if you'd like to see anything in particular. 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Everyday make up

Hello fellow bloggers,

So this post was suppose to be the other day but I couldn't upload my photographs to my laptop.  So this is my everyday make up look. It's pretty simple and it's really quick to do!

So it was really early as it was before college so don't worry about my serious face.

So I firstly I will just apply my foundation, as I can't find any decent brush at the moment I just use my fingers to blend it all in. After my foundation I just use my bronzer with my Real technique brush which works wonders if you haven't already got one! I have blush on but I can't find where it's from as it came in a set I got for Christmas couple years back, but it's a really nice set. After my blush I then do my eye-liner as I like eye-liner on top of my eye first so I don't smudge. I then use it under the eye to get a really intense look. After eyeliner I like to put my eye shadow on, today I used this sun kissed set which is really good as it pops out blue eye colour.  I've also used an eye shadow from a set which I can not find anywhere, but I am pretty sure it's called professional portfolio.  There's at least 100 different eye shadows, and there are quite a lot of browns and natural colours as this is what I think goes best with my skin and eye colours.  I then do my mascara I use loads of different mascaras, as I like them to be big and separated I have a mascara that I use as a base which is the W7 lashtastic, and then use Scandal eyes to bulk it up more.  After this I finally use my lipstick which is Rimmel lasting finish which I did a post on earlier this week. You can find this here.  FINALLY I then use lip gloss to seal the lipstick off and have a clean glossy finish.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation 25 hours Price: £7.99   £4.99
Real technique blush brush  Price: £9.99
Rimmel Sun Glow Bronzer  Price: £5.59
Maybeline Eye Studio Lasting Drama  Price: £7.99
Sun Kissed  Beautiful Bronze  Price: £4.50
Rimmel London Scandale Eyes Price: £6.99  £4.99
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Price: £6.99 £4.99
W7 Lashtastic  Price: £2.50
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick  Price: £4.99
Maybeline Super stay 24 hours Price: £8.99

Quadrupole | Liebster Award

So I have been nominated for the Liebstar award again! This is getting mental I feel like I have so many at the moment, I am really grateful for you all asking me and I have been meaning to do this for a while! 
Liebster award is an award to help promote new bloggers.
The word Liebster is German for dearest, lovely, and valued.

These are the rules:
1. You must link back the person who nominated you.
2. You must answer the 11 questions chosen by the person who nominated you. 
3. You have to pick 11 people to nominate with under 200 followers.
4. You can't nominate the person who nominated you.
5. You must tell the nominees they have been nominated.

Ok so here we go first set of questions by the lovely: British Hearts

1. How did you come up with the name of your blog?How I came up with my name for the blog as I had a blog before which entailed this phrase
2. What blogs do you love reading?

I love ready beauty blogs, I love finding out different make up and ways of applying.3. What is your favourite brand, ever!?Brand? I presume make up? Well I would have to say Rimmel as that is the product I use the most
4. How long have you been blogging for?A week today I have been blogging how cray is that!
5. If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go?If  I could travel anywhere I think it would be America like LA because I just really would love to go or maybe new york I need this experience 
6. What piece of makeup couldn't you live without?Well this is a very difficult question I think it would have to be foundation a
s my skin is awful!
7. If you had to pick 3 pieces of makeup to wear each day for the rest of your life which would you choose?Well, as before foundation, eye liner and mascara 
8. What's your highlight from 2013?My highlight, hmm either becoming bestfriends with Charnai  who also has a blog check it out. Or maybe passing my english
9. Who do you look at for Beauty inspiration?No one really in particular just go with the flow see what I like
10. If you could bring out your own piece of makeup, what would it be?Ooo I think I would bring out some eye lashes/ mascara 
11. What's your worst fashion disaster? The worst fashion disater is when people wear things not suitable for their body for example I would never wear a crop top with short shorts as I know I would look ridiculous 

The next lot of questions are of Vanity Fairest;

1. What's your favourite thing about blogging?My favourite thing about blogging has to be being all creative and sorting everything out and getting to know people.
2. Who is your icon?This may be weird but I don't think I have one right now 
3. If you could have any superpower what would it be?I would have to say being invisible, as then I could like not creepily but stalking people hahahah 
4. What's your dream holiday destination?Has to be similar to before either going to LA or New york, I would love to go broadway in New york.
5. If you were lucky enough to win the lottery, what would you do?Depends on how much I won? Millions? If so I would save half and then go on a shopping spree go on holiday and all sorts I think I would try and start my own business as well
6. If you could only use one make up product for the rest of your life, what would it be?As mentioned before it would be foundation as I hate my skin 
7. What are your pet hates?I hate when people scrape the plates when eating, and scratching walls, also I really hate it when someone's pissed off with you but they don't tell you and make digs
8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?I see myself settled down with a husband in our home maybe thinking of starting a family. 
9. What's your favourite childhood memory?My favourite childhood memory I don't have one as I loved my childhood, if I had to I would say going on a 3 week cruise in the Caribbean that was definitely something amazing. 
10. Who is your celeb crush?My celeb crush would have to be mmm Christian Bale 
11. If you could go back in time, would you do anything differently?

I wouldn't want to as I feel that it makes us who we are today.

My next lot of questions are from the wonderful Olivia

1. What are 3 things on your wishlist for this month?Rimmel stay matte powder, New lipstick Red/Purple, 
2. What is your favourite social media?Hmm I am really not sure probably instagram because I love being nosy
3. Have you broken one of your New Years' resolutions? If so, which one?I didn't make one
4. On which site do you do the most of your online shopping?I really couldn't say it's varied all round.
5. What beauty product can you not live without?Hahah again foundation I NEED IT
6. What is your best quality?Probably my personality like not all of it haha because I am obviously not perfect but in the sense I am easy to talk to and I am a versatile person.
7. What is your dream job?My dream job is within media I am not too sure yet
8. If you had a time machine, would you travel to the past or the future?I would travel to the future and see where I would be in 10 years time to see if it's where I want to go
9. You're at a dinner party with 5 of your chosen celebs (dead or alive). Who is there?Christian Bale, Ian Harding, Ian Sommerhalder, Paul Wesley, Niall Horan
10. If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go?LA or NEWYORK
11. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging after my friend showed me her blog, I just thought it was wonderful

Next the lovely fabulous Lily and Ella

1) Who is your favourite celebrity?Christian Bale
2) If you were stuck in a jungle would you prefer to be with David Attenborough or Jude Law?No idea ahaha don't really know them so I will go with david
3) Favourite song?This is a difficult one but I am going to go with ED Sheeran - I see fire
4) Favourite T.V show?Has to be Pretty Little Liars, If you haven't seen CHECK IT OUT
5) If you could have a super power what would it be?Invisible because I could be sneaky as fuck 
6) If you had to chose only one make up product to use for the rest of your life what would it be and why?Foundation because I hate my skin
7) Who is your biggest influence?Probably my friends as they just easily influence me in ways
8) Favourite colour?Blue, not sure what shade I can't explain haha but not too bright not too dark
9) Favourite book?Probably the Hunger Games
10) Coke or Pepsi?Funnily enough I enjoy pepsi more as it's less fizzy and doesn't leave an after taste
11) Why did you start your blog?
My friend Charnai who blogged who I mentioned before got me into it actually so thank her and go CHECK HER OUT he blog is absolutely flawless as she is. 

My questions are:

1)  Who is your favourite blog and why?
2) Do you have any weird habbits, what?
3) If you could only shop in one place for clothes where would it be?
4) Would you rather Disney or Pixar?
5) If you could be someone from a film/TV series who would yohatu be and why?
6)How much do you spend on make up?
7)  If your life was a musical what three songs would you pick?
8) What is one thing you always carry with you?
9)  What is your favourite beauty product?
10) What is your favourite hair product?
11) If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would you wear? 

My Nominees are : ( I know that she nominated me but a few others did I really enjoy her blog!)

Thank you all again! When you have done your post make sure to let me know!

Friday, 17 January 2014


It's Friday woo! Anyone up to anything fun? Well this post will be scheduled as I am going to a 18th, but I thought why not make it fashion Friday? Catchy thing going on there. Anyway so this is in the same location as Monday's post so check it out. As it's with the same model Kaitlin, my good friend and a added addition of Megan!  I love the positioning of this photograph as Kaitlin looks like a lion on pride rock.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

It's nearly the end of the week! Anyone got anything exciting planned? I've got a presentation tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it one bit. Anyone want to trade places? 

 Well this photograph was taken in my wonderful grandmothers garden! How pretty is it? The thing I love about this photograph is the colours, there doesn't seem to look like many but there are so many enrich flavours.  As you may have guessed I enjoy using short depth of field as it really shows the focus of the subject matter.  Really want a new lens for my camera to get macro shots.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


I am so stressed out at the moment so I thought I would post a photograph that looks so relaxing. This photograph was taken for my landscape shoot, the location that I took it was at the Lake district.  The Lake district is such a beautiful place to photograph, it's so natural and majestic. If you are wanting something new I would definitely recommend this location.  It's located in the north west of England so make sure you check it out. There's lots of things to do in the lake district, this photograph was taken on the boat in lake Bowness-on-Windermere.

*Double* Liebster Award

Really thankful to be noticed really didn't think I would get nominated especially so soon! I want to give a massive thanks to Nostalgic Cath and reachingforpomegranates, you should check her out!

These are a set of rules to accept the award:

Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
Nominate  other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

So here we go these are the questions from Nostalgic Cath:

1.What is your favourite quote?
This is quite a hard one because I love quotes but I think it would have to be my all time classic which is "Everything happens for a reason" this is my fave as it relates to everyday life. 

2. Why did you decide to start blogging?
I started blogging as I have a blog which is on tumblr and I mentioned it to my friend Charnai, who also happened to have a blog on here. I decided to check her blog out and I loved it and from there I just really wanted one of my own.

3. Would you rather have an endless supply of clothes or makeup?
This is a really hard one as I want both! Thinking about it for 10 minutes I would have to say endless supply of clothes as I think I would get more out of it than Make up, but thinking about it I really just don't know. 

4. What is the one film you can watch over and over?
The Dark Knight, well the whole batman trilogy really if you've not watched them you should definitely go ahead and watch.

5. What makes you happy?
Well this is a vague question but a lot of things make me happy, such as the usual friends, family. I love new purchases they make me happy, what makes me happier is finding a good sale.  Films can make me happy and music. The number one thing that makes me happy I would say is just talking to the people I love.

6.How would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself personality wise, bubbly, down to earth, honest, diplomatic and trust worthy  and obviously fabulous and funny. Not to mention the occasional random  craziness and loudness. 
7. Favourite season?
My favourite season would probably have to be winter, because I love snuggling and getting yourself warm. I love curling up in front of the fire and just chilling and everyone is always in a better mood as it's christmas. Who doesn't love christmas?  Also after christmas there's always the sales.

8. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Ohh I like this question, think I would have to have the superpower of invisible as I could sneak around.
9. What makes you laugh the most?
I think what makes me laugh the most is my friends and I will have to say myself because I have no idea why I just think I am funny, I am probably not but got to say I am. Also if you've watch the programme fresh meat, def Jack Whitehall.

10. Who is the one person, you wish you could meet?
The one person I wish I could meet is Christian Bale, but I am quite scared if I met him he wouldn't be what I expected. 

 What type of camera do you use?
Sony A350 and my iPhone 4s
What is your dream job?
My dream job would be sort of in the advertising area, I would love to make promotional posters for films. Although I would really enjoy being an actor and film editor. 

3. Do you have a piercing? If not, Would you like one and where? Would you like one?
Nope, I use to have my ears pierced but when I was little I hated it so they healed. I really need to get them pierced again but just not brave enough at the moment and need money tbh.

4. What's your favourite song at the moment?
Right in this moment in time I think it would have to be One republic - Secrets it's just cheerful and motivational.
5. Who is your favourite blogger?

My favourite blogger has to be Trends are overrated, she post fabulous post and she so happens to be my little princess.
6. What do you enjoy the most about blogging?

What I enjoy the most about blogging is just really showing my creative side off and getting involved with something and seeing all the different people who interact with my posts, it's something I always look forward to. 
7. Dream fashion event to attend?
I would love to go to London fashion week

8. What's your favourite item of clothing?
At the moment I would have to say baggy t-shirts as they can look stylish and really comfortable

9. Which places are on you travel bucket list?

I would love to travel around america as I haven't been and it definitely  looks fabulous. I would also like to see the northen lights. I think it would be a really special thing to see.

10. What is your favourite comfort food?
Got to be Ben and Jerry's Cookie dough ice cream

11. One thing you can't live without?

I couldn't live without my mum as cheesy as that sounds as I am really close to her and she's just means everything to me :) 


1. What is your favourite film and why?
2.  Who's your favourite superhero?
3.  If you could go back in time where and when would you go to?
4.  If you could be anyone in the world who would you be?
5. If you could live anywhere you wanted where would you live?
6. Would you rather have to watch Justin Bieber- Baby on replay  for 24 hours or scratch a wall for 3 hours?
7. Would you rather meet your favourite singer or your favourite actor (Who)?
8.  What alcohol do you drink?
9. What is your favourite type of make up?
10. If you could only wear one style of hair, what would it be?

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Hey guys,
So I use to be blonde, I miss it dearly but I thought I would give my views on the product Provoke touch of silver brightening shampoo.  This is perfect if you have ginger/golden tones that you want to get rid of I think it works really well. It's magical. So on the left is me when I first dyed my hair blonde from highlights. It went really ginger. Total disaster. So after panicking and worrying I decided I needed to do something about it which wouldn't completely wreck my hair and me and my mum found this product.   Underneath is the aftermath of the product a couple weeks later, I didn't have one from the top unfortunately but it was all one colour and exactly what I wanted.

So the product says use twice a week, I think this is because if you use it daily you start to have a blue tinge in your hair. Which personally I like because it's more silver tones, it's defiantly better than the ginger/orange tones. I used it daily and I found it worked best that way and quicker. Would 100% recommend if you have orange tones and what to go a lighter shade of blonde.

Provoke touch of silver shampoo 400ml - £3.00

*Not my photograph
Should be doing college work but I would rather blog away! Quite a Christmas-y post, but we are in January so it still counts, maybe?  This is my new project in photography which is the Harman competition brief of pride and prejudice Competition here. I liked the look of this photograph as I do enjoy chestnut stuffing, who doesn't? But it's got a Christmas feel to the photograph. This photograph was taken at Manchester Christmas market, and it's representing the pride in people's culture.