Saturday, 1 February 2014



So it's the first of February so why not have a fashion wish list? These things really need to place themselves into my life I NEED all of them, it's not a matter of want any-more haha. 

So the top left if is a black playsuit, this is just something you could wear on a casual hot day, maybe on holiday or you could funk it up a bit and wear it going out at night. So it's two in one really, I adore it as it looks so comfortable and fitting to wear. 

Next is the black off the shoulder top, I have wanted one of these for ages but don't have the confidence to buy one are they're quite tight fitting. Although I would love to wear it for going out, so maybe when I loose weight this can be bought. (hopefully)

Then Dr Martens, I really want a pair of these as I love the style and they would make me that tiny bit taller, which I need. Also they'd go with any outfit as they're black. As we all know Dr Martens are really expensive so I just haven't had the spare money to buy them. 

Bottom left Tartan dress, you may all have noticed tartans come back with vengeance, when I was little I used to love tartan. I grew off it for ages but it's really grown back to me, I feel it's just a cute little casual look.

Next is the red midi dress, so all my dresses are short as am I. I can't really get away with wearing longer dresses as because of my weight they are too long. But I really do enjoy longer dresses, it's a must I have to buy. They're perfect for summer holidays

Finally platform ankle heels, when I saw these shoes I fell in love with them. I really need some new heels, and I think these may be the one. As they're not too high, but high enough for me and they look really comfortable and easy to walk in shoes.

I will be posting soon my February wishlist of beauty products so make sure you check that out. 


  1. love your fashion sense!

  2. Gorgeous love the red dress in particular x

  3. Great choices, want the shoes :) x

    1. Not sure which one's you're on about but both pairs I need casual and going out they're so pretty! x