Saturday, 15 February 2014

Dresses | part one

Hey bloggers,

So yesterday we went to a few shops to try and find some bridesmaid dresses and wedding dress. As it's my mums wedding she's the one with the wedding dress, and she's made me maid of honour so we get to pick the dresses, she's thinking of a black and white wedding scheme which I quite like as black is slimming, so bonus points for me. Anyway here is a couple of pictures of the Bridesmaid dress that I fell in love with and the wedding dress she really like.  I know the dress isn't black, but I wanted to try it on for the crack and it actually went well, not too sure but I like I think.

So when it came to the prices it was actually outstanding it was £35 for the red dress how cheap! I nearly bought it just for myself, but wasn't sure where I would wear it. I think it was £200 for the wedding dress which is really cheap, as well. Overall successful shop. Even though we didn't end up buying them it just aspired up more for next time. Which will be a on Wednesday when we go looking round Blackpool, hopefully the weather won't prevail. 



  1. I love the idea of a black and white wedding theme! That red dress is gorgeous too though!

    1. I like the sound but I am scared I will look like I am going to a funeral :( but I do love so tempted to get! x

  2. pretty ladies!xx